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The Key to Protecting your Business from Disaster

Posted on: September 15, 2015 by: Stuart Hill


The storms and hurricanes that we endure in South Florida makes it necessary for businesses to prepare for the worst.  25% of businesses that face a major disaster go out of business within 2 years. The Department of Labor estimates that 40% of companies who go through a major catastrophe end up closing down permanently.

A big part of this failed business equation is data loss. It is expensive and can cripple an organization. If your data isn’t protected the future of your company is at risk.

You may think that you can deal with small amounts of downtime here and there, but those events add up. Think about your downtime over the course of a year. While not a disaster, the accumulated problems are costing you money and time. According to the security company Symantec SMB companies risk from $3,000 to $23,000 per day because of downtime.

These risks can be reduced through a solid back up and disaster recovery plan. More and more, South Florida companies are looking to cloud storage services to provide them with data security at a low cost of ownership.

Cloud backup storage is no longer a luxury that can only be afforded by larger businesses. SMBs are adopting cloud computing as a form of back up to help them minimize downtime and protect their data. The pricing models of cloud allow you to pay a fixed rate annually. Better than that, you pay for what you need. As your storage needs change over time your cloud storage can flex to meet your business growth and development.  You also benefit from the ability to access your data from anywhere. This lets helps in a disaster situation in case your office is unusable.

Don’t face data devastation due to disaster, investigate whether cloud services are right for your data security.

At Comprehensive Business Systems, we understand how to adapt cloud storage solutions to your company’s advantage. Contact us today to gain peace-of-mind by harnessing the power of cloud storage.


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