Proactive Management Solutions

There are hundreds of thousands of events occurring on your network. Manually reviewing those events is a difficult task for even an experienced IT Professional – and nearly impossible for companies without in-house resources. Comprehensive’s 24/7 Monitoring reviews and tracks every event occurring across your network, identifies trends of critical events, and allows remediation prior to system emergencies or downtime. Comprehensive’s 24/7 Monitoring is a proactive approach to IT management which keeps your business humming along for a fraction of the cost of manually monitoring systems.


  • System Event Monitoring and Notification – Our software tracks every event occurring on your system, reporting trends and potential issues in real-time.
  • Drive Utilization Monitoring – We monitor storage issues, ensuring that systems are backed-up or storage increased prior to failure.
  • System Service Availability Monitoring and Notification – A wide array of critical services run on your servers and workstations. We monitor the state of these services and automatically remediate the issue before you’re even aware of the problem.
  • Microsoft Patch Management – Security patches and hotfixes can be a massive headache; instead of having productivity hampered by poorly designed patches, we review their impact on your business before loading. Let patch management become a bad memory with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Asset Management – By knowing the age, speed and utilization of all machines, you can plan new acquisitions in-line with business goals. This proactive course of action is more cost effective and allows your business to minimize downtime while reducing IT costs.
  • Spam Management – Our SPAM management services prevents the reduction of productivity caused by SPAM. SPAM can contain Spyware which greatly affects the stability, speed, and security of your network.
  • Log File Maintenance – Did you know your log files can take-up multiple GB’s of storage space? After trending data is gathered, we eliminate un-needed log files, freeing-up storage space and reducing back-ups.