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Common Misconceptions about Virtualization

Posted on: November 24, 2015 by: Stuart Hill


For those you still uncomfortable with virtualization, let us provide some clarity.

These are three of the main misconceptions regarding virtualization that we hear from companies in Florida all of the time:


It’s Expensive:

Why is this a misconception? Because in terms of overall lifetime cost, virtual servers leave physical servers in the dust. Yes the upfront cost is more than that of a physical server, but when you start to dive deeper you start to see the long term savings:

  • Operational Costs
    • Less expensive to power
    • Lower Cooling Costs
    • Less manpower
    • Less physical space required
  • Performance
    • More efficient to manage
    • The life of a virtual server outlasts a physical server

You should be asking how you can afford not to virtualize?

Data Loss Fears

Server Virtualization isn’t just about the consolidation of servers, it is also one of the best disaster recovery and data backup tools out there. Imagine a IT environment filled with virtual servers, that has a physical server crash. This makes it easy to restore the virtual servers that resided on the crashed that machine to another virtual host.

  • With the right DR and data backup plan in place virtual servers can actually recover faster than physical servers.
  • A virtual server allows for a faster restore time and better management due to the efficient software.
  • Any server can crash.

The bottom line is that with proper disaster recovery and data backup plans in place you can recover faster with a virtual machine.

Virtualization is just for large companies

Nothing says that you must be backing up large amounts of data before you can virtualization. Your company may be experiencing data growth that requires you to implement virtual servers. Companies of all sizes look for where they can save costs on storage, hardware, and software purchases. Virtualization could be the answer for any company using 2 servers of more.

Virtualization is the future. Servers, like the IBM/Lenovo System X Series, are designed to be virtualized. Check your IT budgets and plan to add virtualization.   Or better yet call Comprehensive Business Systems’ at 954-434-5355 to talk about how virtualization could work for your organization.

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