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Proactive I.T. Management Solutions for South Florida

Posted on: November 17, 2015 by: Stuart Hill


In today’s business world IT success and business success are closely linked. Companies need servers, computers and networks that can keep pace with the vast amount of business data that flies around the office on a daily basis. The performance and speed of your IT environment is important. You are at a disadvantage versus your competition when you’re working with technology that barely meets your basic needs. You need a well-planned IT strategy now more than ever.

Problems With Older Hardware

What happens if you continue with your older hardware? Your business will slow down and over time you’ll experience more and more downtime. A study done by Aberdeen Group in 2012 found that organizations with less than 100 employees lose an average of $6,900 for every hour of downtime they experience, and mid-sized businesses of less than 1000 employees lose around $74,000 an hour. Factored in here is not just salaries of employees, but also the potential loss of business. It’s difficult to calculate the exact costs, but no business owner wants to see their systems go down and their staff unable to perform some of their core tasks.

By not being proactive about your aging IT you’re creating a potential liability for your organization. The last thing you want is for parts of your infrastructure to fail slowly over time. This leads to a patchwork of old and new devices, temporary fixes, and even system incompatibilities. These temporary fixes may be easy to swallow in tiny bites but they add up.

Make Your IT Costs More Predictable

Start making your IT costs predictable with proactive planning. Stop being reactionary and only confronting problems with something goes wrong.  When our team of IT advisors sit down with an organization we aim to not only get an understanding of their IT environment, but the goals of their business. When you start looking for help building a proactive IT plan, make sure you’re not just sitting down with someone looking to sell you a load of equipment. Find a company that’s working to align your IT plans with your business goals.

Choose An IT Partner Not an IT Provider

At Comprehensive Business Systems, we believe in working together to come up with a solution that will fit our clients’ needs and budgets. Our strategy workshops provide a powerful framework for analyzing your business to determine where technology can help increase your bottom line.

We are your partners throughout the entire IT process, and we consider it our responsibility to help companies navigate the IT waters. We focus on IT so that you can focus on your business. Discover how we can help you company today – we look forward to hearing from you.

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To learn more about our partnership with Baring Industries of Fort Lauderdale, click our case study below.


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