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Four Disaster Recovery Tips For South Florida Businesses

Posted on: September 22, 2015 by: Stuart Hill


Every business needs a disaster recovery plan. For organizations in South Florida this is especially true. Don’t let the next big storm destroy your company’s most important data. So, how would your disaster recovery hold up in a catastrophe? Here are 4 tips to follow to help prevent a catastrophic data loss.

Test Your Recovery Plan – If you haven’t or can’t test your DR plan then you’re putting your organization at risk. When a disaster strikes you could find yourself in a bad situation. Testing can make a big difference in determining how quickly you can get back up and running or if you can get back up and running at all. Add this layer of protection if you can and make sure to test your plan at regular intervals. If you don’t have the ability to do this yourself look to an outside IT provider for help.

Update your DR Methods – If your systems crash, can you get your most important parts of it up and running again. Here is the big question: if there is a system crash, how soon can you get your urgent systems up and running again? Can it be done quickly? If it takes you over 24 hours to get back up then you need to strongly consider upgrading your backup and recovery plans. Any business that answers over 24 hours needs to strongly consider upgrading. You are potentially losing profit for every minute of downtime.

Build a Complete DR plan – Make sure your critical data is backed up. Too often companies look at DR like an insurance plan. They only consider it a necessity when something goes wrong.  If your plan doesn’t have all of your data covered then you could be losing critical information. Don’t take this risk.

Integrate Your DR Plan with Your Systems – Your goal should be to access IT systems and be back up and functioning normally in an hour or less.  Without proper integration you could be losing precious time.

Is your backup and disaster recovery plan lacking? If so, it’s time to seriously reconsider your IT budget in order to make DR planning a priority. One big storm could wipe out years of data.

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