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How To Determine Which South Florida MSP is Right for your Business

Posted on: October 20, 2015 by: Stuart Hill


Have you evaluated your Managed Service Provider (MSP) lately to determine their value and effectiveness? Do yourself a favor and take a look at your contract.  It is important to keep your MSP honest and for you to have an understanding of the services you’re getting from them versus their competition. Do an evaluation at least once a year.

Go beyond the prices and service levels. When you make your yearly evaluation consider these factors: efficiency, value, and future development.

Your success as a business is tied to your MSP. Make sure you’re working with an organization that you can rely on. The future growth of your business could be at stake. Here’s a checklist of things to consider when choosing the right MSP for your South Florida business.

The right MSP should:

Map out a Plan for Technology Success and Business Success – Your MSP should help make your business more productive. The best MSPs aren’t trying to sell you more than you need. They should be right fitting solutions that are customized for your company’s needs and your long term growth. Good MSPs work with you to understand your business priorities and your budgets. Make sure that your MSP is able to provide you with progress reporting and budget summaries. You should be able to check their work and they should be proactively providing insight into their work with you. Make sure that your MSP builds this planning and reporting process out from the beginning of the relationship.

Make a Business Case – What kind of value is the MSP going to provide your business? They should be as interested in growing your bottom line as they are growing theirs. You want to find a company that understands you and your business goals. You want a company who is looking to build a long term relationship that directly ties into your company’s overall success. You should be able to see the value that a MSP is providing your business. They should be able to relate to you the new operational efficiencies that you’ll see through their work. Don’t accept anything less.

Develop Shared Trust and Extend Technology Relationships. Great MSP’s are part of larger IT communities with other companies and IT partners. Make sure that you’re working with an organization that is tied in to the IT world. If they won’t be able to make you aware when new products, services, or innovations come out that could help your business. Your MSP should be top-notch IT experts who are tapped into the world of business technology.

Does your managed service provider understand your company’s business goals? Are they working just to sell you equipment and bill hours or are they looking to build a long term relationship? We at Comprehensive Business Systems know how IT drives business. Read our case study about our 27 year relationship with Baring Industries of Ft. Lauderdale.

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