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Why You Should Consider a Hybrid Cloud Data Backup Strategy

Posted on: October 6, 2015 by: Stuart Hill


Does your South Florida Business see disaster recovery and data backup technologies as a necessary part of your IT plans or are they seen as an afterthought? Without proper DR and backup plans your company is at risk.

DR and Backup Gives you Peace of Mind

DR and backup are critical to maintaining operational stability when disaster strikes. Don’t view these plans as a nice to have insurance policy.  Without the right backup strategy you could end up seeing inefficiency and extra costs should a worst-case-scenario happen. A mix of cloud technologies and an on-site data storage solutions can bring peace of mind to your organization.

Impact on the Data Center

Datacenters can be extended without significant upfront costs by utilizing new cloud computing technologies. These types of solutions were once only available to enterprise-grade businesses, but over the last few years many companies in the SMB space have been able to make investments in the cloud. The economics of cloud computing allow small and medium businesses the luxury of avoiding high upfront infrastructure costs.

Cloud Backup Models Allow Flexibility

Instead of worrying if they’re choosing the right size servers for their growth, cloud computing allows companies the room to scale up when they need to. Pay-per-use models give companies the benefit of lower total cost of ownership—they aren’t paying for what they aren’t using. Many cloud models also come with more predictable monthly operating costs.

Cloud based solutions also allow you to keep your existing infrastructure. Many cloud based solutions are designed to integrate into existing infrastructures. Management and monitoring of your IT systems takes less dedicated time and can even be outsourced to managed service providers. Backup maintenance becomes simpler and IT staff’s time is freed up to dedicate to other more business critical tasks.

Hybrid Cloud

Companies looking for data protection both on and off site should consider a hybrid cloud model. In this situation, if your internal cloud fails, then your team still is able to access data through a secure external cloud.

Hybrid cloud backup gives you cost-effective benefits and can increase your IT infrastructure performance. Find out more about what a hybrid cloud backup strategy can offer. Reach out to our experts at Comprehensive Business Systems. Our years of server and storage experience combined with our expertise with cloud technology can help you build a cloud backup strategy that perfectly fits the needs of your business.

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